With Fries or Baked Beans, 
Add 3.00 For Caesar Salad, Loaded Mashed
or Onion Rings

Double Grill Cheese   12.00
Double the Cheese & Bread

Your Burger Build   14.50
Choose Beer Battered or Grilled Chicken Or
A Prime Rib Beef Patty & Add Cheese, Bacon,
Crisp Onions  Grilled Mushrooms For .75 Each

Steam Punk Burger  1 7 .50    
Big Patty, Bacon, Cheese and a  Breaded Pickle

Bacon Pretzel Burger  16.00     
One Tasty Bun With Cheese, Bacon  Tangy Chipotle
Sauce & Bacon Jam

Vaccination Burger   16.50     
Bacon N Cheese, Don't Touch Your Face While Eating
It Cause Frickin Spicy

The Hot Hamburger   16.00     
It’s Hot, It’s A Burger & We Have
The Best Gravy. Enough Said

SteamPunk Dip    17.00     
Our Beef Brisket & Au Jus Makes This Sandwich 
Great….. Like The Best Ever

The BLT     14.50
Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato…. A Favorite.

The Mighty Reuben    15.00
Smoked Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese, Dijon Mustard.
Rye Bread and the Sauerkraut.

Super Clubhouse     16.50                
One Of Our Best-Selling Sandwich's
Your Choice of Side

With Fries or Baked Beans, 
Add 3.00 For Caesar Salad, Loaded Mashed
or Onion Rings

Chicken Fingers    16.50      
Four Big Fingers, Plum Sauce for Dipping

Fish N Chips     16.00
The Best Cause Its All Home Made

Cordon Bleu & Shrimp   18.50       
Served with Béarnaise Sauce All Home Made,
No Breading Or Deep Frying!!

Tacos Surf Or Turf      15.00
3 Tacos, Ale Battered Haddock with Chipotle Or
Sirloin with Garden Vegetables on a Flour Tortilla.

Pork Cutlets     16.00  
Two Large Cutlets, Breaded, Grilled and Served
with Our Gravy,Veggies on the Side

Steamed Haddock      17.00
2 Haddock Fillets Steamed and Sautéed
in Garlic Butter

Big Ass Donair  15 .00  Super 16.50
We Make Our Own Donair Meat From A Traditional
Recipe, Making This A Satisfying Classic Donair

Stir-fry      16.00
A Choice Between Steak, Grilled Chicken Or Hibachi
BBQ Pork Tenderloin  Hibachi BBQ,    Honey Garlic,
Teriyaki ,  Thai  or  Plum

With Fries or Baked Beans, 
Add 3.00 For Caesar Salad, Loaded Mashed
or Onion Rings

Steak Sandwich    17.50
6 oz Sirloin Cut Cooked to Your Liking
Aged AAA Sirloin  6oz18.00  12oz 26.00 AAA
Beef Aged and Cut In-house

Steak & Lobster    38.00
Spoil Yourself with the Best of the Best.
Atlantic Lobster  and the Finest Sirloin

Top Sirloin   6oz 20.00  12oz 28.00
Our Great AAA Beef Topped With Your
Choice Of Hollandaise, Pepper Corn,
Béarnaise Or Neptune

A Big Rack Of Ribs  
Half Order   17.00   Full 22.00
Bullseye BBQ or Steampunk Smoke Sauce 
Tasty Slow Flame Brazed BBQ Ribs

Korean BBQ Ribs   16.00
Our in-House Fusion BBQ Sauce On
Our BBQ Ribs. Served with Rice

Hibachi Tenderloin 
          & BBQ ribs    20.00
A Plentiful Portion of Our Marinated Pork Tenderloin
Served Alongside Our Camrose-Famous BBQ Ribs

Elvis Fried Pickles   12.50.     
Served with Dip and Fit for a King.

Peppers Wings   14.00
You Choice Of Breaded Or Not.. Made Fresh
Teriyaki ,  Hibachi BBQ,   Salt & Pepper,  Hot,  Thai, , 
BBO,  Lemon Pepper,   Garlic & Red Pepper,  Honey Garlic

kactus Sliced Chips    8.00
Freshly Made Chips, A Side Of Our Chipotle Dip

Yam Fries    8 .00
Fresh Cut Sweet Potato With  Spicy
Chipotle Sauce
Poutine    15 .00      small 13.00
Extra Cheese 1.75 or Add Bacon for 1.00

Nachos     14.00   
Home Hade Chips Loaded Up with the Usual Stuff…..
Add Beef or Chicken for 3.00

Spinach Dip    13.00
Served with Our Fresh Homemade Chips

Amber Ale Steak Bites        13.00
AAA Sirloin Charbroiled Sirloin Bites Come with
Ciabatta and Sesame Dipping Sauce

Dryed Garlic ribs     13.00
Red Pepper & Garlic Seasoned Makes  This
Appetizer an Instant Favorite.

Stuffed Mushrooms    14.00
Fresh Mushroom Caps Stuffed with a
Delicious Blend of Shrimp, Crab, Scallops
and Cream Cheese.

Hibachi Tenderloin    13.00
Skewered Pork Tenderloin Marinated in
Our Asian Fusion Side Of Crisp Onions

Were Open Noon Daily
Cafe Closed Sun & Mon